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“sounds like M83 landing on the moon with Neu! playing in the background”. Drowned In Sound

“It’s been a while since we had a decent shoegaze record grace this world. Thanks to Nottingham six-piece Spotlight Kid’s ‘All is Real’/’April’, we have another. Atmospheric jangling guitars, tender vocals and an up-tempo rhythm- the sound will serenade you into a state of bliss and euphoria 8/10” Sound Lab

“With shimmering guitars and ethereal vocals, they take the building blocks of your favourite shoegaze bands and create something refreshing”. Music Week

“reinventing the wall of sound” XYZ Magazine

“if these two sublime songs are anything to go by, will be a glorious reminder of the hey-day of indie rock. A lovely introduction to a band who will hopefully develop into something truly special”. Sonic Abuse

“This is an awesome single…All Is Real reminds of Ride and that’s an awesome thing”. The POP! Stereo

“Sounds great”. John Kennedy XFM

“I’m well impressed with Spotlight kid”. IQ Magazine

“The music warps and folds just like you’d hope, and makes me wonder why Shoegaze ever went away in the first place”. A New Band A Day


From the BBC website: “Nottingham rock band Spotlight Kid was conceived by former Six by Seven drummer Chris Davis, in late 2005.

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Thanks to Dean Jackson on BBC’s The Beat show who was the first to play the new lead track from Crystal Dreams ‘There’s a Reason Why’ and also said very nice things about the band.. we’ll be playing a session for Dean soon… watch this space.

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